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Amy Kim Keeler “Waves 02”, 2017


Exquisite textile weaving by Bay Area artist, Amy Kim Keeler, circa 2017. Beautifully framed in a bleached walnut shadowbox.

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Artist notes: The fabric is essentially cut and shredded into strips and shapes with a sense of destruction, moving it far away from its original form into parts of a whole, erasing almost all recognition of its beginning. It’s then washed with an idea of cleansing and purification and then trimmed and prepared. Then the process begins of bringing the whole back together, a mending of sorts, into something far more beautiful and whole than it once was, still with imperfections but with strong themes of repair. The colors speak to transitions between light and dark, the presence of highs and lows.

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Amy Kim Keeler




Bleached walnut, Cotton, Linen, Rayon